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Huge Balloon Lollipops June 30, 2012

I love this idea!  You have just about everything you need at home to complete this project.  The only supply I had to purchase was cellophane which cost me $4.50.  I already had yarn, balloons, and paint!  Save cardboard wrapping paper rolls for this awesome decoration.


My daughter helped paint the wrapping paper tubes, so it was a fun project for us to do together.  I plan to line my front walkway with these lollipops for Sophie’s Candyland birthday party.  I want to make more, but I have to locate more wrapping paper tubes!



1.)  Cardboard wrapping paper tubes.

2.)  Large foam paintbrush.

3.)  White acrylic paint.

4.)  Yarn, string, or ribbon.

5.)  Scissors.

6.)  Balloons.

7.)  Clothespin.

8.)  Tape.

9.)  Cellophane.


Project Steps:

1.)  Paint the cardboard wrapping paper tubes with white acrylic paint.  Let dry and apply a second coat.


2.)  Cut ribbon or yarn to a length 6″ longer than the wrapping paper tube.


3.)  Tie one end of the yarn to the balloon where knotted.

4.)  Attach the other end of the yarn to the clothespin.


5.)  Drop the clothespin down the tube.


6.)  Pull the yarn tight and tape to the inside of the tube.


7.)  Cut off excess yarn.

8.)  Cut a piece of cellophane 3′ x 4′.

9.)  Wrap the cellophane around the balloon.

10.)  Tie a piece of yarn around the cellophane to attach to the tube/balloon.


Pinterest Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878644487/

Project Link: http://go.tipjunkie.com/pa/943/www.parents.com/fun/birthdays/themes/candy/

Time:  It took me 45 minutes to paint 5 tubes (including 20 minutes drying time).  The remaining steps probably took 5-10 minutes per lollipop on average.


– Lisa


Plant Jelly Bean “Seeds” and a Lollipop will Grow Easter Morning April 5, 2012

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Although I haven’t done this yet (waiting for Easter), I wanted to post this cute idea BEFORE Easter so you guys can do this with your kids, too!



1.) Jelly Beans

2.) Lollipop – As the link says, you can get these large lollipops at Walgreens for $1

3.) Baggie

4.) Ribbon


Just package up some jelly beans.  Present these to your children as “magical” jelly beans that only work the night before Easter.  Plant them in the yard the night before Easter.  In the morning, your kids will find a lollipop has grown overnight!  This will become a tradition for my family!


Pictures from See Jane Blog:


Project Linkhttp://cjaneblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/cutest-easter-tradition.html


I wish I could think up something this clever.  I will post my pictures after Easter!


UPDATE:  I went to Walgreen’s to get the same lollipops as shown above, but they were sold out.  Boo!  I ended up getting a bunny and frog lollipop instead.  I wrote out a little card that read “Dear Sophie and Molly, Plant these magical jelly beans and see what grows Easter Morning.  Love, The Easter Bunny”.  The girls planted the jelly beans the afternoon before Easter.  On Easter morning, my 4-year old was much more excited to see what grew in place of the jelly beans than looking at her Easter basket.  We will most definitely continue this tradition.


And here are my pictures …

Happy Easter!