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Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake with Caramel Pecan Frosting November 5, 2012

This was probably the BEST cake I’ve ever made.  I will make this again and again and again.  Growing up, my mom made spice cake often.  It was a family favorite.  Well, this cake reminded me of souped up spice cake!  Don’t skip the pecan topping, it really made the cake!  This would be the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.  It was great with a cup of coffee for breakfast, too!  🙂


Recipe http://www.jamhands.net/2012/09/apple-and-cream-cheese-bundt-cake-with.html

Time:  It took half the day to complete this cake.  As far as prep work, dicing up the apples was the most time-consuming part.  Other than that, the baking and cooling times were long, too.  It was worth it though!

Substitutions:  I baked mine for one hour.  The recipe says to let the cake cool for 15 minutes and then remove the cake from the pan.  I had to wait much longer (an hour) and I still ended up losing some of the cake.  Ugh!  Also, the recipe shows a thick white icing on top of the cake.  The icing actually attracted me to the recipe; however, my icing was more of a glaze.  It didn’t matter because it was so delicious!!!


Batter poured into pan. The white you see around the edge, is the “Bake Easy” spray I used to coat the pan.

I added the cream cheese mixture. As you can see, I couldn’t keep it an inch away from the sides as instructed in the recipe.

I added the remaining apple batter.


Finished cake!

Ready to eat!


Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo January 15, 2012

My family splits holiday time with my family and my husband’s family.  At the age of 32, I still have not made a turkey, until yesterday!  I made my first turkey!!  I turned out moist and tasty; however, it took an extra hour to cook.  I pinned this recipe for turkey cranberry monte cristo sandwiches that I thought would be perfect for my leftover turkey.  I was somewhat disappointed!  I wanted to taste the turkey, but instead all I could taste was the french toast bread.  I think this recipe would be good if you are on day 3 of leftovers and want something different!  But, if you’re looking for a good ole fashion turkey leftover sandwich, this is not the right recipe!  I may try it again with the proper ingredients.  I did substitute two of the key ingredients (fontina cheese and arugula).


Time:  30 minutes total!

Substitutions:  I struck out at the store!  I couldn’t find Fontina cheese or arugula.  I substituted cheddar and spinach.

Pinterest Pin:  http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727877727036/

Recipe:  http://www.pauladeen.com/recipes/recipe_view/turkey_cranberry_monte_cristo/