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Braided Hair Headband – Easy and Fast! June 15, 2012

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I wish I could do more with my hair.  I usually run out of patience and give up, but this style was a keeper.  Pinterest inspired me to try this braided hair headband.  All I did was grab about a 2″ section of hair over my right ear.  I loosely braided it all the way down.  Then, I wrapped it around my head and secured the braid with a clip.  It probably took a total of 3 minutes to complete this look! I hope you try it, but it will only work on long hair!




Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878537725/

Link to Hairstyle http://www.iknowhair.com/popular-hairstyles-from-pinterest  (Scroll down to the third picture for the tutorial.)

Time: 3 minutes


– Lisa


April Date April 18, 2012

I put together one year’s worth of dates (one date per month) for my husband as a Valentine’s Day present.  Our April date was a blast!


The date card read …  “I’m very excited for this date.  It’s Spring and we need some new clothes!  We’re going on a shopping spree.  We each have an envelope filled with cash to spend.  We must be ready for our vacation in May.  We will shop at Oakbrook, spend the night at the Embassy Suites, and go out to dinner, etc.  Love, Lisa.”


I included the date card, two envelopes of cash, and some wardrobe inventory worksheets.  I cashed in credit card points to get a Lettuce Entertain You gift card for our dinner at Wildfire!



Before our date, we cleaned out both our closets!  I really wanted to clear out my husbands closet.  I knew it was loaded with clothes he hasn’t worn in over 5 years+.  We filled up 5 garbage bags of clothes to send to goodwill.


After we cleared out our old clothes, we made lists of items we needed to purchase.  We are going to Riviera Maya in May, so we included items we’d need on vacation.


My mom babysit the girls for us so we could enjoy a day of shopping, eating, sleeping in, and just being together alone!!!


We had lunch at Moe’s, spent 6-7 hours shopping, checked into our hotel, freshened up, ate dinner at Wildfire (I LOVE their chopped salad), had a drink at the bar, back to the hotel and crashed! The next morning, we headed to a few more stores before returning home!


We both got loads of new clothes!  This is something we have never done before.  Maybe we can do it again in the fall!  Also, we both fell in love with Nordstrom Rack.  Why haven’t I shopped there before!?!


Here are some pictures of our loot!