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Getting Organized … First of Many Posts! March 11, 2012

I have seen so many pins on Pinterest linking me to organizing worksheets/printables.  These worksheets have inspired me to get organized!!!  People who know me are probably thinking that I’m organized enough, but I just can’t get enough.  I have to admit that I LOVE ORGANIZING!  I know .. I’m such a dork.


As a stay at home mom, I struggle balancing quality time with my kids and all the errands, cleaning, cooking, etc.  I predict that if I can get my life organized a bit more, I will feel less stressed out and have more time for my kids and hobbies!  I have spent many many hours over the last month getting organized.  Some things I’ve organized include meals, grocery shopping, declutter zones, deep cleaning, routine cleaning, vacation packlists, birthday checklists, etc.  I will add to this list as I organize my life.  I will post my organizing breakthroughs as they occur along with the worksheets I created to get it done!


The first organizing pin that caught my attention, linked me to “10 great organizing printables.”  From here, I got many ideas to get me started on my organizing journey.  I really love the simplify101.com website.  The site has tons of great organizing tips and printables.  Many of which I have already started implementing!


Oven Cleaner – Baking Soda and Vinegar February 20, 2012

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Within a few days, I saw two pins that advertised an easy way to clean the glass door of an oven!  I was super excited to dry this out because mine was filthy.  I’m actually very embarrassed to show the “before” picture.  Cleaning the oven just seems to be the last thing on my mind these days.  So, I tried a few methods.

Dirty Oven Glass Door - Before


Pinterest Pin #1:  http://www.ehow.com/how_7814634_clean-oven-racks-naturally.html

Pinterest Pin #2:  http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/2011/11/how-to-clean-oven-glass-it-seriously-is.html


The first pin instructed me to sprinkle the glass door with baking soda and then pour vinegar over top so the door is wet.  Let sit for 20 minutes and wipe away.  I tried this technique first.  I have to admit that I loved the fizzing sound the vinegar made once poured over the baking soda.  I had high expectations that the fizzy sound was really working away the grime!  I wiped away and to my dismay (oh, that rhymes), it was still filthy.  I decided to move onto the next idea…


Oven Cleaner - Vinegar Added


Oven Cleaner - After Baking Soda and Vinegar


The second pin instructed me to mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with just enough water to make a pasty mixture.  Then, spread over the glass door and let it sit for 20 minutes and wipe away.  So, I did!  Still dirty!


Oven Cleaner - After Baking Soda and Water


The third try’s the charm.  I got out an SOS pad and scrubbed away.  It took a lot of elbow grease, but my handy SOS pad saved the day!  Now, on to the rest of the oven …


Clean Oven Door


I will try these methods again on a semi-dirty glass door.