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School Work Organization – by Grade July 18, 2012

My daughter just finished her first year of preschool.  I saved a few of her projects and have been trying to figure out how to preserve her school work.  I have taken digital photos of many of her projects, but I wanted to save some originals, too.  These crates are perfect for saving your child’s projects, artwork, report cards, awards, class pictures, etc.  I found Sophie this pink crate at the Goodwill store for $1.50!  I had the rest of the supplies on hand, so this was a super inexpensive project for me.  I’m storing it in Sophie’s closet.





1.)  Crate for hanging file folders

2.)  Your child’s name – I used my Cricut to cut out Sophie’s name

3.)  Ribbon

4.)  Hanging folders.

5.)  School work, papers, report cards, class pictures, awards, certificates, etc.


Project – It’s a very simple project.  First, hang file folders (one for each grade).  I ended up with 15 folders (2 years of PreK, Kindergarden, and 1st thru 12th grades).  On each hanging folder, I placed an address sticker on the outside.  I labeled each folder like this….



2011 – 2012

Mrs. Sarnwick

I will fill in each teacher’s name as the years pass.  Then, I placed Sophie’s papers in the first hanging folder.  I cut out her name (in pink) on my Cricut and glued it to a black piece of cardstock. Then, I used some leftover ribbon to affix her name to the crate.  Isn’t it pretty!


Project Linkhttp://www.brownpaper–packages.com/2011/09/back-2-basics-somewhat-simple.html

Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878769512/

Substitutions:  I’m going to create an interview sheet to stick on the front of each folder.  I will interview Sophie the first day of each school year and place her answers on the file folder.  I think it would be nice to add her school picture on the folder, too!

Time:  20 minutes



Makeup Brush Storage Vase with Marbles April 5, 2012

The second bathroom (the first was the Tic Tac bobby pin storage) pin I created is this awesome looking makeup brush storage vase with marbles.  It looks really cool and organized!



1)  Shallow vase

2) Marbles / Stones / Etc.

3) Makeup brushes, eye liner, mascara, etc.


I purchased a small shallow vase from Hobby Lobby.  I already had some blue/white/green colored “marbles” that I purchased from IKEA, so I used those.  Ideally, I would have smaller sized round marbles, but FREE is better for now!  I placed the “marbles” in the vase and then placed my makeup brushes in the vase.  At first, I filled the vase to the brim with the marbles, but as I added my makeup brushes, the marbles spilled over.  Overall, it’s a cool decoration for my bathroom and easy to reach for my brushes, but the marbles seem to spill out.  Maybe if I spend some $ on smaller round marbles, I wouldn’t have that problem!


Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878162249/

Project Linkhttp://theaveragegirlsguide.com/2012/02/how-to-store-brushes/

Time:  10 minutes

Substitutions:  I used a smaller vase and colored “marbles” I already had from IKEA



Bobby Pin Storage – Tic Tac Container – Great Idea!

I de-cluttered my bathroom this week and remembered a few pins I wanted to try out.  The first pin I saw was a  Tic Tac container used to store bobby pins.  When I need a bobby pin, I find myself searching the back corners of my bathroom drawer.  I knew this project would be fast, easy, and helpful!  I’m happy to report that the Tic Tac bobby pin storage is a success.  The bobby pins fit perfectly and they slide out easily!



1) An empty Tic Tac container with label removed (I already had one left over from my pretzel duck project).

2) Scrapbook paper

3) Scissors or Paper Cutter

4) Double sided tape

5) Bobby pins


All I did was cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit around the Tic Tac container.  I used double sided tape to affix the paper.  Then, I added bobby pins.  Done and Done!


Pinterest Pin http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878162172/

Link to Projecthttp://whynotdoityourself.tumblr.com/tagged/storage

Substitutions:  I just added some scrapbook paper to jazz it up a bit.

Time:  10 minutes or less!



2 Week Meal Plans March 26, 2012

I find meal planning and grocery shopping overwhelming and very time consuming.  In my effort to get organized, I’ve figured out a way to reduce the stress of getting hot meals on the table.  My new system should help keep grocery bills under control (less trips to the store, less $ spent) and reduce eating out!  I decided that I would plan two weeks of meals at a time.  I will only do major grocery shopping every two weeks.  I know there are those of you out there that can shop once per month, but I’m just not there yet!


I have created a “Meal Planner” worksheet to help plan and organize the meals I will prepare.  This worksheet lists days, dates, and activities.  Then, it has a spot for me to write-in my plans for lunch, dinner, and sides.  Although there is a column for lunches, I have not started planning lunches yet.  At the bottom of the worksheet, I have two extra spaces.  The first is to list any ideas I have for the next two week cycle and the second is to jot down any lunch ideas.


Here are the steps I follow to plan my 2 weeks of meals …

1.)  I prep my “Meal Planner” worksheet for the next 2 week cycle.  I update my dates and type in any notes or activities we have going on.  Then, I print it.

2.)  I review my freezer / fridge inventory (see a previous post) to see if there are ingredients I need to use up.  Also, by reviewing this list, I will see if I have any meals frozen that I can eat in the next 2 weeks.

3. ) I pull out my cookbooks, printed Pinterest recipes, magazine recipes, etc.  I also have my laptop nearby, so I can look up recipes (usually on allrecipes.com).

4.)  I flip through all my recipes and pull out the meals that Iwant to eat, keeping in mind any ingredients I already have.  If I don’t find a recipe to use up my ingredients, I search for recipes online.

5.)  I determine how many meals each recipe will make.  Many of my recipes make way too much food for my family, so I can freeze a second meal for the future!  Or, I can eat the same meal twice.

6.)  I jot down the meals I have chosen on my “Meal Planner” worksheet.

7.)  Then, I prepare my grocery list.  I WILL BE POSTING “GROCERY SHOPPING MADE EASY” very soon.  Stay tunned!. 


Every other week I follow this schedule

Tuesday = take inventory of fridge and freezer (and pantry)

Wednesday = Prepare 2 week meal plan and write grocery list

Thursday & Friday = grocery shop (you will notice that my 2 week meal rotation begins on a Saturday, so if I grocery shop on Thursday and Friday, I’ll have all the ingredients I need by Saturday).


That’s it!  Now I have all my meals planned for the next two weeks!  I have done this once so far, and it worked out so great for me!


Click here to see the printable I found on Pinterest that inspired my “Meal Planner” worksheet.


Recipes and Meal Planner Worksheet

Meal Planner Worksheet


Getting Organized … Freezer / Fridge Inventory Printable March 12, 2012

The first printable that caught my attention on the simply101.com website was the was a “Freezer Inventory” worksheet.  Realizing that I have no idea what is in my freezer (or fridge), I thought taking inventory of my fridge and freezer could be my first step.  I used the worksheet on simply101.com for my inspiration, but created my own version in excel.  Here is a link to my printable:  Freezer & Fridge Inventory.


My printable includes six categories of food including (1) Main Dishes, (2) Meat and Seafood, (3) Veggies / Side Dishes, (4) Breakfast Items, (5) Desserts and Snacks, and (6) Misc Items.  Every two weeks (before I make my meal plan), I will take a quick Freezer & Fridge Inventory using my printable.  I will document the food item, location (I have two freezers), whether I need more, and what meal I could make out of that food item.  If I need more, I will add that item to my grocery list (see a post coming soon).  If I can use up that item in a meal, I will make sure to plan that meal for my next meal cycle.  This is how I will keep my food from sitting in my freezer for weeks, months, or (oh my) years!


While taking inventory of my freezer and fridge, I realized that I needed a clip board.  I remembered that I pinned a crafty clipboard that I will make (post coming soon).


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