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Giraffe handprint Craft May 14, 2012

My daughter loves giraffes.  I saw this pinned on Pinterest and thought of Sophie right away.  She’s been asking me for weeks to do this project and I finally caved in.  It was a simple and fun project.  I highly recommend it for all you giraffe lovers out there!


Project Supplies

1.)  Paper

2.)  Yellow paint

3.)  Paint brush.

4.)  Brown marker

5.)  Googly eye.


Project Steps

1.)  Collect all the supplies.

2.)  Paint your child’s hand and forearm yellow.

3.)  Stamp the hand and forearm onto your paper.  You will need to paint on the head of the giraffe after you stamp.

4.)  Let the paint dry completely.

5.)  Draw in the giraffe spots, tail, horns, mane, notes, mouth and hooves with brown marker.

6.)  Attach googly eye.


And here’s my giraffe lover with her latest piece of artwork!


Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878358927/

Product Link: http://www.handprintcreations.com/handprint_and_footprint_examples.html  This is actually a link to a product.  This website sells the kits to make different handprint animals.   I had all the supplies I needed at home, so I did mine for free!  I think we’ll do the moose one next!

Substitutions:  None

Time:  30 minutes including drying time!


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– Lisa


May Date

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I put together one year’s worth of dates (one date per month) for my husband as a Valentine’s Day present.  Our May date was simple and perfect.  Once in awhile it’s just fun to go out and feel like a normal couple.


The date card read “Dinner and a Movie!  We’ll dine at our new favorite spot, Lucky Monk, and finally see The Hunger Games.  Love, Lisa.”  In the May envelope, I included the date card, coupons for the movie (I purchased a groupon a while back), and a gift card to “The Lucky Monk”.


My sister babysat the girls for us so we could enjoy the night out!  My husband brews his own beer, so anytime we can visit a Microbrewery, he’s a happy camper!  We sat at the bar and had a few beers while we waited for our table.  Here’s a picture of the taps at the bar.  I enjoyed the Tritica Wheat Ale.


Then, we enjoyed our dinner and had a nice conversation …


We watched The Hunger Games …


And called it a night!


Until next month…



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Teacher Appreciation Gift – Note Cubes May 5, 2012

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at my daughter’s school.  I wanted to give her teachers something they could use, but something that was cute and creative.  I had many ideas, but this is what I decided in the end.  Of course, this gift was inspired by Pinterest, but I came up with an original idea for the packaging!


Project Steps:

1.)  I purchased some cute note cubes at Home Goods.  They were less than $6 each.


2.)  I printed out the adorable printable I found on Pinterest. This is the first time I used my new color printer!


3.)  I cut out the gift tag and taped it to a blue piece of scrapbook paper.  Then, I cut out the tag again with an outline of blue.


4.)  I used a glue dot to affix the gift tag to the note cube.



5.)  I had some plain white gift bags.  I decided to write the teacher’s names on the bag and have my daughter draw them each a picture.  This is how they turned out!



Project Ideahttp://www.skiptomylou.org/2012/04/18/teacher-gift-idea-free-printable-teacher-appreciation/

Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878314718/ AND http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878314720/

Substitutions:  I didn’t use any bakers twine since the note cubes I purchased already came with a ribbon.  I used a glue dot to affix the tag to the note cube.

Time:  10 minutes!





Strawberry Container as Gift Basket

I made some cake batter truffles for a friend and wanted to package them in a creative and cute way.  So.. this is what I came up with.


I cut the top off a plastic strawberry container.  I lined the “basket” portion of the container with tissue paper and placed the truffles inside.  I found some ribbon and wrapped it around the container and finished it off with an awesome gift tag I found on Pinterest.


So these gift tags looked so cute and I was bummed because I had to print them in black and white.  I’ve been wanting a color printer for some time.  There are so many cute printables on Pinterest and they would look so much better in color!  I hit my breaking point and finally bought a color printer, so my next project will be in color.  So excited!


Link to “from my kitchen to your belly” gift tag:  http://everybodylikessandwiches.com/2009/12/holiday-baking-gift-ideas/


Linked up “Strut Your Stuff” Six Sisters’ Stuff (#262) on 5/12/12.


Cake Batter Truffles – Yummy!

I’ve had this recipe pinned for a long time, and decided to finally make them for a friend.  These were easy to make and delicious!  My daughter was able to help by adding sprinkles!  This is a great recipe!




Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878314694/

Substitutions:  I put in too much milk.  The dough wasn’t stiff enough to roll, so I added just a bit more flour.  Also, I did not add any cake mix to the white candy melts.

Time:  1 hour


These were awesome.  One thing I love to do with truffles is freeze them.  They make a great snack in the middle of the day when you a little somethin’ but don’t want to eat an entire pan of brownies!




Penguin Footprint Artwork

My daughter loves to do projects.  Every day she asks me “what project can we do?”  I remembered a cute footprint project I’d seen on Pinterest.  As I usually do when she asks “what project can we do?”  I placed her on my lap and we looked at my “Kid Stuff” board on Pinterest.  I quickly found the penguin footprint project and she was instantly in love!  She is really into a Disney show called Octonauts and her favorite character is Peso (a penguin), so she was super excited.  This project was very easy and fairly quick.  It satisfied my daughter’s itch for a project, and it was fun for me, too!


1.)  Paper

2.)  Paint Brush

3.)  Black paint (I used acrylic).

4.)  White paint

5.)  Orange paint or orange construction paper.

6.)  Googly eyes



1.)  Collect supplies.


2.)  Paint the bottom of your child’s foot black.  Put it on pretty thick and paint fast so it doesn’t dry.


3.)  Stamp your child’s foot on the paper.

4.)  Paint on some wings.


5.)  Set aside the paper and wash up!


6.)  Let the black ink dry.


7.)  Paint a white belly on the footprint.


8.)  Let the white paint dry.


9.)  Press on the googly eyes.


10.)  Paint on the orange beak or cut a triangle piece of construction paper and glue.


11.)  Admire your finished project!  Ours is on our refrigerator.


Pinterest Pin http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878313673/

Project Linkhttp://www.meetthedubiens.com/2010/12/footprint-penguins.html

Substitutions:  I used construction paper for the beak instead of paint.

Time:  30 minutes including drying time!


– Lisa