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Reporting VS Tattling Poster June 28, 2012

Oh how I despise tattling and my daughters do a lot of it, even my 22 month old!  I saw a Pinterest pin of a “Reporting vs Tattling” poster.  The link took me to a first grade teacher’s website.  She had written out difference between reporting and tattling.  Since my daughter can’t read yet, I decided to add clipart to my poster so she could understand the differences.  I included a link to my Reporting VS Tattling poster in case anyone wants a copy of my work!


I introduced it to Sophie and hung it on the side of our kitchen desk.  I faced the poster toward our family room, the place where most of the tattling occurs!  Sophie seemed to like the poster until I hung it up and told her it would be there for a long time.  She started to cry.  We will see how it goes!


Mrs. Tehune’s Poster:


My Poster:


Pinterest Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878632299/

Inspiration: http://mrsterhune.blogspot.com.au/search?updated-max=2012-03-03T20:57:00-06:00&max-results=10  (you will have to scroll down to the bottom to see her image).

Time:  One hour to find the images and 10 minutes to put together the word document.


– Lisa