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Bobby Pin Storage – Tic Tac Container – Great Idea! April 5, 2012

I de-cluttered my bathroom this week and remembered a few pins I wanted to try out.  The first pin I saw was a  Tic Tac container used to store bobby pins.  When I need a bobby pin, I find myself searching the back corners of my bathroom drawer.  I knew this project would be fast, easy, and helpful!  I’m happy to report that the Tic Tac bobby pin storage is a success.  The bobby pins fit perfectly and they slide out easily!



1) An empty Tic Tac container with label removed (I already had one left over from my pretzel duck project).

2) Scrapbook paper

3) Scissors or Paper Cutter

4) Double sided tape

5) Bobby pins


All I did was cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit around the Tic Tac container.  I used double sided tape to affix the paper.  Then, I added bobby pins.  Done and Done!


Pinterest Pin http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878162172/

Link to Projecthttp://whynotdoityourself.tumblr.com/tagged/storage

Substitutions:  I just added some scrapbook paper to jazz it up a bit.

Time:  10 minutes or less!