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Candyland Party Centerpiece – Dum-Dums July 15, 2012

I’ve been working on decorations for Sophie’s Candyland Birthday party.  This dum-dum centerpiece turned out really cute!  Sophie and I made this together.  She was able to stick the dum-dums in the ball.  I counted the number of dum-dums we put in the ball for a game.  We used 167 suckers.  The kids at the party are going to guess how many dum-dums are on the ball.  They will win a smaller version of the centerpiece as their prize!




– A large round styrofoam ball.

– 4 pounds of dum dums (we used 167).

– Candlestick

– Ribbon



1.)  You will need to cut down the dum dum sticks a little bit.  I cut off probably 2″ of each stick.

2.)  Stick the dum dum’s into the styrofoam ball, covering the ball entirely.

3.)  Place the ball on top of a candle stick.  (Hint:  make sure to use a candlestick that will hold the ball.  Mine is a little close, the ball barely balances on the candlestick).

4.)  Wrap the candlestick in a pretty ribbon.


Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878752384/

Project Link:  There was no link, just a picture.

Time:  I’m guessing an hour.



4 Responses to “Candyland Party Centerpiece – Dum-Dums”

  1. trkingmomoe Says:

    That would be a fun thing to do with kids. I have some dum dums that I have been trying to get the grand kids to eat I also have large styrofoam ball. Afterwards the kids can take the whole thing home to eat. thanks for sharing. I am always finding cool things everyone is blogging about.

  2. Jaclynn Says:

    How many dum dum suckers did u use for one styrofoam ball

    • ipinnedit Says:

      I think the exact # was 361. We made a game out of the centerpiece. The kids had to guess the total number. One girl actually guessed the exact amount.

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