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June Date – Arlington Park Race Track June 24, 2012

I put together one year’s worth of dates (one date per month) for my husband as a Valentine’s Day present.  Our June date was awesome.  The weather was perfect for a day at the racetrack!  It was really nice to relax, just the two of us.


The date card read “On this date… we’ll watch the horses out of the gate.  We’ve talked about going to Arlington Park.  Now or never.  Sun, Horses, Lunch, Bets, Beers, Fun.  Love, Lisa.”  In the June envelope, I included the date card and cash for our day at the park.




We stopped for lunch on the way …


We made some bets …  (That’s my sweetie in the white striped shirt surrounded by a bachelorette party.  Haha!)


We watched the races …



We listed to the band and had a few beers …


We got some sun …


And explored the park …




We didn’t win one race!  Boo!  After our date, we decided to bring the girls next time.  I think they would really enjoy seeing the horses.  There is an awesome lawn area at the park where you can pack your own picnic lunch and hang out.  They also setup a petting zoo and pony rides on Sundays!


Until next month…



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