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Penguin Footprint Artwork May 5, 2012

My daughter loves to do projects.  Every day she asks me “what project can we do?”  I remembered a cute footprint project I’d seen on Pinterest.  As I usually do when she asks “what project can we do?”  I placed her on my lap and we looked at my “Kid Stuff” board on Pinterest.  I quickly found the penguin footprint project and she was instantly in love!  She is really into a Disney show called Octonauts and her favorite character is Peso (a penguin), so she was super excited.  This project was very easy and fairly quick.  It satisfied my daughter’s itch for a project, and it was fun for me, too!


1.)  Paper

2.)  Paint Brush

3.)  Black paint (I used acrylic).

4.)  White paint

5.)  Orange paint or orange construction paper.

6.)  Googly eyes



1.)  Collect supplies.


2.)  Paint the bottom of your child’s foot black.  Put it on pretty thick and paint fast so it doesn’t dry.


3.)  Stamp your child’s foot on the paper.

4.)  Paint on some wings.


5.)  Set aside the paper and wash up!


6.)  Let the black ink dry.


7.)  Paint a white belly on the footprint.


8.)  Let the white paint dry.


9.)  Press on the googly eyes.


10.)  Paint on the orange beak or cut a triangle piece of construction paper and glue.


11.)  Admire your finished project!  Ours is on our refrigerator.


Pinterest Pin http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878313673/

Project Linkhttp://www.meetthedubiens.com/2010/12/footprint-penguins.html

Substitutions:  I used construction paper for the beak instead of paint.

Time:  30 minutes including drying time!


– Lisa


2 Responses to “Penguin Footprint Artwork”

  1. I think you are very brave, and Sophie is very well behaved, to allow her to have paint on her feet. All I can imagine is a kid like David taking off and leaving foot prints all over the house. I’ll have to make sure to check out the fridge when I’m babysitting!

    • ipinnedit Says:

      We had a moment of panic when she tried to stand up! Luckily, she stepped on the plastic mat we were doing the project on and not the carpet!

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