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Making Small Bows with a Fork! April 13, 2012

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I’ve always struggled to tie small bows!  My fingers just don’t work that way!  I saw this pin and wanted to give it a try.  My first try was a fail, but when I really studied the tutorial, I got it!  These turned out great and I used them for my hand print sheep project!  I make a lot of homemade cards and I can see using these bows on some of my cards!  Also, I can see using different sized forks to create different size bows!


Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878202090/

Project Linkhttp://www.projectwedding.com/post/list/how-to-make-a-little-bow-with-a-fork

Substitutions:  None

Time:  Just a minute per bow!


Here is the tutorial I used from the projectwedding.com website:


And here are my pictures:


Handprint Easter Lamb with Cotton Balls

This is one of the very first holiday themed projects I ever pinned.  This project was cute, simple, and fun for the kids.  My 1 year old kept saying “more”.  She wanted me to paint her hand over and over again!



1.) Construction paper

2.) Cotton Balls

3.) Glue

4.) Black Acrylic Paint

5.) Paint Brush

6.) Googly Eyes

7.) Ribbon – I used another pin to make my own small sized ribbons.



1.) Pull out all the supplies.

2.) Paint your child’s hand with the black paint.

3.)  Press hand down on paper.

4.)  Wait for paint to dry.

5.)  Glue cotton balls to form a sheep.

6.)  Add googly eye to thumb.

7.)  Glue bow ribbon to cotton ball.


We made one for me and another for Grandma and Papa!


Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878202068/

Project Linkhttp://craftsbyamanda.com/2011/03/handprint-easter-lamb.html

Substitutions:  None

Time:  30 minutes



Yarn Balloon Eggs April 7, 2012

I saw this pin long ago and it sparked my interest in having a rainbow / Candy Land themed 5th birthday party.  I thought these yarn balloons would be a perfect decoration for her party.  Since then, I learned that I can use this technique to make Easter egg shaped yarn balloons.  So, I made enough to fill a bowl to use as a centerpiece for Easter.  I’ll do more for my daughter’s birthday, but it’s not until September!


I first tried mixing tacky glue and water and this is was the result …  as my daughter would say waah-waah-waaah.



I knew from the moment I started putting on the yarn that it wouldn’t work. The yarn wasn’t sticking, my fingers were very sticky, etc, etc.  Also, I tried to do this outside and that was a BAD idea.  The wind blew the balloon around too easily.


I was determined to make this work, so I searched Pinterest for a new concoction.  I read of many ways to make the paste used to affix the yarn to the balloons.  I headed to the store with a long list of ingredients.


The first mixture I tried was to mix 1 cup of liquid starch (I used STA-FLO) with 1/2 cup of flour.  To my delight, it worked great.  I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to try any of the other recipes.  Although this project is messy, I loved that the mixture was easy to clean off my hands and my counter top.




1) Liquid starch (STA-FLO)

2) Water balloons

3) Bowl

4) Yarn

5) Paper Towel or toilet paper rolls

6) Newspaper

7) Scissors





1)  Cover table or counter top with newspaper.


2) Prepare paste.  I combined 1/2 cup of STA-FLO with 1/4 cup of flour.  This amount made three balloons.  I would have made more, but it was all that would fit in my bowl.


3) Blow up water balloon (I had to use a hand pump because it was impossible to blow up with your mouth).


4) Shape balloons by squeezing them into an egg shape.


5) Prepare yarn.  I did not cut the yarn ahead of time.  I just unraveled part of the ball and dropped the ball over the edge of my counter top.  This made it easy for me to pull more yarn as I needed it!  NOTE:  Use any kind of yarn.  I liked the look of the really thin crochet yarn that I had on hand.  You can also use embroidery floss.


6) Place some yarn in the bowl.  I probably placed 3 feet of yarn in at a time.  Be careful not to knot up your yarn.



7) Squeeze out the paste mixture over the top of your bowl (so it drips back in).


8) Wrap yarn all around your balloon.


9) Keep wrapping.  Wrap until you have as much yarn as you like.


10)  I cut up some toilet paper rolls and placed my balloons on them to dry.  In the morning, I flipped the balloon over to dry the other side.



11) Once the balloon is completely dry, hold onto the tied part of the balloon and pop it!  MAKE SURE TO HOLD ONTO THE TIED PART OR IT WILL BE REALLY HARD TO GET ALL THE REMNANTS OUT OF THE BALLOON!!!


12) Now admire your balloon.  You will notice there is extra glue on the balloon.  Go ahead and use a pin or paper clip or something to scrape out the existing glue.  I didn’t do this, but you could to have a more finished product!


I’ve read that these can last years and years.  I plan to save mine for next year.  Another fun alternative is to fill the water balloon with a treat or something.  Then, when you pop the balloon, there is a treat inside the balloon.  Then, your kids get to cut open the balloon on Easter for the treat.


And here is a picture of my centerpiece!



Pinterest Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878174891/

Project Linkhttp://www.craftyendeavor.com/2012/03/08/easter-egg-garland/

Time:  It took me about 25 minutes to do three balloons.  To do 6, it would probably take 40 minutes.  It took a bit of time to get it all setup and cleaned up.

Substitutions:  I did not make these into a garland because I already made the paint chip garland!  Also, I used yarn instead of embroidery floss.  I bet the embroidery floss would work really well, too!


Snickers Popcorn! Yum!

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I saw a pin for Snickers popcorn.  Snickers are my favorite candy bar and who doesn’t love popcorn?!?  This recipe turned out awesome!  This really is a treat!



(1)  I would recommend making it the day before you want to eat it.  If you serve this right after it’s done, the chocolate from the Snickers and melted semi-sweet chocolate gets all over your hands.  Also, the caramel mixture is sticky on your teeth.  I found that the next day, the recipe was much less messy and didn’t stick to my teeth as much!

(2) The recipe makes a ton of popcorn!  Half the recipe if it’s just for the family.

(3) This could be a good holiday gift idea for neighbors, teachers, etc.



Pinterest Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878174586/

Substitutions:  I used 3 bags of  microwave bagged popcorn instead of air popped!

Time:  5 minutes to pull out ingredients + 10 minutes to chop Snickers + 10 minutes to prepare caramel / pop popcorn + 5 minutes prep time + 1 hour 15 minutes bake time = 1 hour 40 minutes!



Plant Jelly Bean “Seeds” and a Lollipop will Grow Easter Morning April 5, 2012

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Although I haven’t done this yet (waiting for Easter), I wanted to post this cute idea BEFORE Easter so you guys can do this with your kids, too!



1.) Jelly Beans

2.) Lollipop – As the link says, you can get these large lollipops at Walgreens for $1

3.) Baggie

4.) Ribbon


Just package up some jelly beans.  Present these to your children as “magical” jelly beans that only work the night before Easter.  Plant them in the yard the night before Easter.  In the morning, your kids will find a lollipop has grown overnight!  This will become a tradition for my family!


Pictures from See Jane Blog:


Project Linkhttp://cjaneblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/cutest-easter-tradition.html


I wish I could think up something this clever.  I will post my pictures after Easter!


UPDATE:  I went to Walgreen’s to get the same lollipops as shown above, but they were sold out.  Boo!  I ended up getting a bunny and frog lollipop instead.  I wrote out a little card that read “Dear Sophie and Molly, Plant these magical jelly beans and see what grows Easter Morning.  Love, The Easter Bunny”.  The girls planted the jelly beans the afternoon before Easter.  On Easter morning, my 4-year old was much more excited to see what grew in place of the jelly beans than looking at her Easter basket.  We will most definitely continue this tradition.


And here are my pictures …

Happy Easter!


Makeup Brush Storage Vase with Marbles

The second bathroom (the first was the Tic Tac bobby pin storage) pin I created is this awesome looking makeup brush storage vase with marbles.  It looks really cool and organized!



1)  Shallow vase

2) Marbles / Stones / Etc.

3) Makeup brushes, eye liner, mascara, etc.


I purchased a small shallow vase from Hobby Lobby.  I already had some blue/white/green colored “marbles” that I purchased from IKEA, so I used those.  Ideally, I would have smaller sized round marbles, but FREE is better for now!  I placed the “marbles” in the vase and then placed my makeup brushes in the vase.  At first, I filled the vase to the brim with the marbles, but as I added my makeup brushes, the marbles spilled over.  Overall, it’s a cool decoration for my bathroom and easy to reach for my brushes, but the marbles seem to spill out.  Maybe if I spend some $ on smaller round marbles, I wouldn’t have that problem!


Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878162249/

Project Linkhttp://theaveragegirlsguide.com/2012/02/how-to-store-brushes/

Time:  10 minutes

Substitutions:  I used a smaller vase and colored “marbles” I already had from IKEA



Bobby Pin Storage – Tic Tac Container – Great Idea!

I de-cluttered my bathroom this week and remembered a few pins I wanted to try out.  The first pin I saw was a  Tic Tac container used to store bobby pins.  When I need a bobby pin, I find myself searching the back corners of my bathroom drawer.  I knew this project would be fast, easy, and helpful!  I’m happy to report that the Tic Tac bobby pin storage is a success.  The bobby pins fit perfectly and they slide out easily!



1) An empty Tic Tac container with label removed (I already had one left over from my pretzel duck project).

2) Scrapbook paper

3) Scissors or Paper Cutter

4) Double sided tape

5) Bobby pins


All I did was cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit around the Tic Tac container.  I used double sided tape to affix the paper.  Then, I added bobby pins.  Done and Done!


Pinterest Pin http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878162172/

Link to Projecthttp://whynotdoityourself.tumblr.com/tagged/storage

Substitutions:  I just added some scrapbook paper to jazz it up a bit.

Time:  10 minutes or less!