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Rainbow Rice Garden April 24, 2012

My girls love their new rice garden.  I put this together for my 20 month old, but my 4 year old loves it just as much!  They played with it for over an hour!  This was a simple project, just a little time consuming to color all the rice.  If I’d had more than two baking sheets, it would have gone faster.  Also, I had no idea how much rice I needed, so I ended up going back to the store for more.  I ended up with 20 pounds of rice (8 cups each color for 6 colors).



1.)  I used 20 pounds of white long-grain rice!!!

2.)  Food coloring

3.) Rubbing alcohol

4.) Ziploc bags

5.) Parchment paper

6.) Baking sheets

7.) Large plastic storage bin.

8.) Toys for the garden




1.)  Measure 8 cups of rice for the first color and pour into a gallon size ziploc bag.


2.)  Add as much food coloring as your heart desires.


3.)  Add 5 T. rubbing alcohol.


4.)  Shake up the rice until evenly colored.  If you don’t like the color, adjust by adding more food coloring.


5.)  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


6.)  Pour colored rice into baking sheet.


7.)  Let rice dry.  It dries very fast outside on a sunny warm day!


8.)  Repeat for each color.  Save time by using as many baking sheets as you have!


9.)  Pour dry rice into the plastic bin, creating a rainbow.


10.)  Add toys.


11.)  Take a quick picture before your kids destroy the pretty rainbow.


12.)  Let the kids play.


Pinterest Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878261028/

Project Linkhttp://shareandremember.blogspot.com/2011/06/rainbow-rice-garden-sensory-play.html

Substitutions:  The project suggests to use liquid water colors.  I don’t have any liquid water colors, so I used good ole food dye.  It worked out just fine.  Also, I used 8 cups of rice per color instead of 4 cups.  I decreased the amount of rubbing alcohol to 5 T. per 8 cups vs the 3T for 4 cups.  The project also says to use 2T of food coloring.  That would be way too much using the dye that I used.  Maybe the 2T was suggested for the liquid water colors.


One Response to “Rainbow Rice Garden”

  1. ipinterest Says:

    so cute!! Might have to try this as well 🙂

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