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Makeup Brush Storage Vase with Marbles April 5, 2012

The second bathroom (the first was the Tic Tac bobby pin storage) pin I created is this awesome looking makeup brush storage vase with marbles.  It looks really cool and organized!



1)  Shallow vase

2) Marbles / Stones / Etc.

3) Makeup brushes, eye liner, mascara, etc.


I purchased a small shallow vase from Hobby Lobby.  I already had some blue/white/green colored “marbles” that I purchased from IKEA, so I used those.  Ideally, I would have smaller sized round marbles, but FREE is better for now!  I placed the “marbles” in the vase and then placed my makeup brushes in the vase.  At first, I filled the vase to the brim with the marbles, but as I added my makeup brushes, the marbles spilled over.  Overall, it’s a cool decoration for my bathroom and easy to reach for my brushes, but the marbles seem to spill out.  Maybe if I spend some $ on smaller round marbles, I wouldn’t have that problem!


Pinterest Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878162249/

Project Linkhttp://theaveragegirlsguide.com/2012/02/how-to-store-brushes/

Time:  10 minutes

Substitutions:  I used a smaller vase and colored “marbles” I already had from IKEA



One Response to “Makeup Brush Storage Vase with Marbles”

  1. fancieland Says:

    Very cute way to store your brushes!

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