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Cutsy Clip Board March 18, 2012

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After taking inventory of my freezer and fridge, I soon realized that a clipboard would be handy!  I pinned a cutsy clipboard which was covered with scrapbook paper and coated with mod podge!  This craft looked quick and easy, so why not?  Now, taking inventory of my freezer is much more glamorous!  😉


Project Steps:

1.)  First, I got a cheap clipboard at Walmart.

2.)  I picked out two pieces of scrapbook paper from my collection.

3.)  I traced the scrapbook paper to fit each side of my clipboard.  I had to trim the paper to fit just right.

4.)  I covered the back side of the clipboard with a thin layer of mod podge.

5.)  I carefully placed the scrapbook paper over the mod podge.  I used a food scrapper to smooth out the paper and remove air bubbles.

6.)  I let the back side dry for an hour and repeated step #4 and #5 for the front side.

7.)  I propped up the clipboard and let it dry overnight!

8.)  In the morning, I cut a small ribbon and wrapped it around the clasp of the clipboard!


Pinterest Pin http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878075251/

Direct Link to Project:  http://createstudio.blogspot.com/2011/04/quick-clipboard-facelift.html

Substitutions:  I didn’t have any regular mod podge, but I did have some fabric mod podge, so I used that.  My clipboard turned out a bit sticker than I’d like, but it was probably the fabric mod podge!?!  I do have another clipboard to do, so I will purchase some regular mod podge (with my 40% of coupon) and see if it’s less sticky!



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