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Rainbow Pancakes … St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Begins March 17, 2012

I’ve been keeping this recipe in mind for St. Patrick’s Day.  Since my husband isn’t eating meat on Fridays, I decided that yesterday was the day to make this colorful treat!  These turned out awesome and I will most definitely make them again.


I used the allrecipes “Good Old Fashioned Pancakes” recipe.  This was the recipe suggested in the post.  I considered using my good ole box of Bisquick, but when I looked up the recipe and saw it’s 4.5 star rating with almost 5,000 reviews, I decided to give the recipe a try!  I have to say that these were the best pancakes I’ve ever made.  I considered tossing out my huge box of Bisquick and converting 100% to this recipe!  You really should try it!


I doubled the batter and divided it into 5 cereal bowl.  I colored the batter red, orange, yellow, green and blue!  I used the McCormick Food Color & Egg Dye.  You will use lots of dye, so go ahead and squeeze it in instead of drop it in!  I saved some of the batter (did not color it) so that I could taste the recipe without the influence of the coloring.  The recipe made 4-5 of each color.  I could have got a bit more out of the batter if I scrapped out the bowls, but I knew my family wouldn’t eat all of it anyway!  I kept the cooked pancakes warn in a preheated oven while I finished cooking the remaining colors.


My girls were really excited to eat this special dinner!  My husband really enjoyed them too!  The best part of all this was discovering a new amazing pancake recipe.  Although the recipe is from scratch, it really only takes 5 minutes to prepare!  Bye-bye Bisquick!


Time:  5 minutes to mix the batter, 5 minutes to color the batter, and 15 minutes to cook the pancakes.

Substitutions:  I used McCormick Food & Egg Coloring instead of Wilton coloring.

Pinterest Pin:  http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878071018/

Rainbow Pancake Link:  http://iambaker.net/rainbow-pancake-sugar-cookies-winnie-the-pooh

Direct Link Pancake Recipe:  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Good-Old-Fashioned-Pancakes/Detail.aspx



One Response to “Rainbow Pancakes … St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Begins”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    Now that’s the meaning of rainbow play dough.
    Cheerz to a happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 Uncle Tree

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