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Bapron – It’s a Bib/Apron – So Adorable! February 21, 2012

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My friends are having babies galore!  I made a few lucky babies a bapron.  It’s a bib/apron.  I thought it was a clever idea because my daughter (Molly) always tries to pull off her velcro and snap bibs and is usually successful.  I thought the bapron would be harder for babies to pull off!  Plus, it’s really cute and trendy looking.

Pinterest Link:  http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/2011/05/bapron-tutorial.html

It probably took me an hour to do one bapron.  I did run into a few snags along the way.  I made my own bias tape as the tutorial describes.  It took forever!  Next time, I will purchase the bias tape to cut down on time.  Also, I will purchase bias tape that is fairly wide.  When sewing the bias tape around the arms, I struggled to get the bias tape and material all lined up so it would stay together.  Maybe some extra practice will help!  More babies, please!!!

Bapron – Pieces Cut

Baby Apron (Bapron) – Pinned Together

Baby Apron (Bapron / Bib) – Bias Tape on Arms

Baby Apron (Bapron / Bib) – My Mistake

Baby Apron (Bapron / Bib) – Finished Product Side 1

Baby Apron (Bapron / Bib) – Finished Product Side 2

Another Bapron

Molly Modeling Logan’s Bapron

Bapron – Back Side


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