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Crock Pot Orange Chicken January 24, 2012

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I was a bit nervous trying this recipe.  There were many reviews on the website that said the orange flavor was too strong.  I followed the recipe exactly, and I didn’t think it was too “orangie” at all.  In fact, I thought it could use just a little more flavor.  The reviews also complained that the chicken was dry and the cook time was too long.  I did cook on high for 2 hours, but anymore would have been too much.  My family liked this recipe (not loved).  I served the chicken with white rice and some stir-fry veggies.  The next day for lunch, the chicken was dry (but my Chinese leftovers always are).  I will make it again, but change a few things next time.  I might double the sauce recipe.  I like to stir the sauce into my rice, but there wasn’t enough to do that.  Also, I will add some additional seasonings (maybe some garlic since it’s my favorite).


Time:  45 minutes to prep.  2 hours on high in crockpot.

Substitutions:  None.  The recipe doesn’t specify an amount of chicken breast.  I used 4 large chicken breasts!  Also, I used more than 1/3 cup of flour.

Pinterest Pin:  http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727877767896/

Recipe:  http://team-t-adventures.blogspot.com/2010/03/crock-pot-orange-chicken.html


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