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Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo January 15, 2012

My family splits holiday time with my family and my husband’s family.  At the age of 32, I still have not made a turkey, until yesterday!  I made my first turkey!!  I turned out moist and tasty; however, it took an extra hour to cook.  I pinned this recipe for turkey cranberry monte cristo sandwiches that I thought would be perfect for my leftover turkey.  I was somewhat disappointed!  I wanted to taste the turkey, but instead all I could taste was the french toast bread.  I think this recipe would be good if you are on day 3 of leftovers and want something different!  But, if you’re looking for a good ole fashion turkey leftover sandwich, this is not the right recipe!  I may try it again with the proper ingredients.  I did substitute two of the key ingredients (fontina cheese and arugula).


Time:  30 minutes total!

Substitutions:  I struck out at the store!  I couldn’t find Fontina cheese or arugula.  I substituted cheddar and spinach.

Pinterest Pin:  http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727877727036/

Recipe:  http://www.pauladeen.com/recipes/recipe_view/turkey_cranberry_monte_cristo/



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